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Drilling Rig Equipment Maintenance


Drilling rigs and extracting oil from a onshore or offshore oil wells have developed enormously in terms of mechanism and automation,there is increasing risk in terms of maintaining the rig equipment and health and security of person on board. We here at eresource developed well defined architecture in accordance with detailed checklists for maintenance. These are based on the latest methodology and the experiences of ourselves and our customers.We have an out of the box solution for preventive maintenance of rig equipment. we serve them quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Drilling Rig Equipment Maintenance Software

Drilling Rig Equipment Maintenance software for Drilling & Workover rigs covers Monthly Weekly and Daily check lists,which will help maintenance crew to keep updated with the equipment check.Over the years it has become obvious that operators in the drilling industry not only demand value for money from the contractors, but require proof of continuous good rig maintenance with minimum downtime due to mechanical or electrical failures. The Rig Maintenance program consists more than 100 different electrical and mechanical maintenance check lists from the top to bottom.This Rig Maintenance and preventative maintenance system indicates that any repairs needed are automatically logged in the Maintenance Record.

Features of Drilling Rig Equipment Maintenance

It schedules, tracks and controls maintenance.
Control maintenance costs.
Improve your operations.
Ensure regulatory compliance.
Maximize asset performance
Easily monitor operations forward plans generated by the drilling operations and engineering teams.

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