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Repair & Maintenance Software Solution


eresource Preventive Maintenance Solution have exclusive Repair and Maintenance module which takes care of all the assets on Rig. It automatically tracks all euipments and allow you to see the assets which are due for[ the maintenance or repair or servicing on just one click. The assets on rig are complex but we provide repair and maintenance software solution for the same. Repair and maintenance module sends an email notification which makes whole process automated.

An ultimate goal of maintenance is to eliminate the down time wasted in maintenance. Reapair and maintenance software solution ensures the reliability and safety of plant equipment on the rig. This will improve the usablity of the equipment and saves the downtime in failure of equipment.

Benefits of Repair & Maintenance Software Solution

Repair and Maintenance software solution improves the overall control and efficiency of daily operations and the management of drilling vessels. It is a unique integrated Repair & Maintenance software solution developed to meet challenges in managing offshore installations. eresource PMS delivers operational efficiencies and effective asset management, improving overall control of daily operations and drilling vessel management. It is a single standardised system for data input, reporting and analysis. It can control a wide range of drilling- and rig-related assets and activixties such as daily drilling and marine operations tool for collaborative day-to-day operations between on- and offshore sites. It's a two-way real-time replication enables users at all sites which simultaneously access the system independently of link downtime. With Rig Manager you can monitor and improve all your important rig-KPIs.


Optimise your contracts
Monitor and analyse costly downtime.
Reduce downtime through better planning.
Access a complete operations history.
Enable users to be more efficient.
Enable a standard process
Create best practices
Provide easy access anywhere – anytime

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