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Offshore Drilling Rig Maintenance


Following are the main modules that will take care of effective working of Oil Rig that includes operations and health management of personnel.

 Overview Personnel On Board Health and Safety 
 Break Personnel On Board Health and Saftey 

Eresource PMS is an intelligently integrated Preventive Maintenance application with a user-friendly interface that takes care of every rig management work effectively and efficiently.


Personnel on Board is tracked using eresource PMS. This web-based personnel on board software solution tracks the arrivals and departures of personnel including their cabins, lifeboat allocation and much more.

Personnel On Board


This section will keep track of personnel's health record on the RIG. The tracking will include past as well as current health issues and it will also track and keep record of day-wise recovery satus of each employees.

Personnel On Board

 Stop Card Job Card Break Down 
 stop card Job Card Breakdown 

The STOP program is a behavior-based safety program. It is designed to prevent injuries and occupational illnesses in the workplace. This form is used to capture the details of...

Personnel On Board


Preventive Maintenance job card in which details of a job to be performed is captured. It is used as a means to authorise and instruct the Maintenance People to take up...

Personnel On Board


Break down section will keep the track on break down happens during operations. ERP will give the provision to log the break down ticket and log the repair ticket against the...

Personnel On Board

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